What is TMAC?

The Trailmobile Advanced Configuration (TMAC) System is our trailer configuration software package. It allows a salesperson in the field to create a trailer configuration from scratch without ever consulting a sales manual. If the trailer under consideration is composed of a combination of options that are available as selections within the TMAC system, the salesperson will be able to generate an immediate price quote for the customer.

How does it work?

The TMAC system is our customized version of the Calico Concinity Configurator, a powerful engine specifically intended for applications like ours. It allows us to create rules and constraints that will generate a warning flag when the user selects options that should not be used together. In this manner we can offer the ability for someone without years of trailer sales experience to select the general specifications of a trailer and it will indicate which options are available with this configuration. If a conflicting option is selected it will indicate what other choices or specs must be changed in order to accomodate this selection. It still incorporates the ability to enter special order items and to request a special price quote on something that we don't build every day. In this way we can speed up and automate our quote and order process without sacrificing the individual attention to detail that we have afforded our valued customers for years.

Who can use TMAC?

The TMAC system is currently reserved for Trailmobile Factory Branches and Authorized Dealers. If you are an authorized dealer who does not yet have the TMAC system installed please go here for further instructions.